Wings Announce Long Term Partnership with Avera

                    December 21, 2015



   The Aberdeen Wings, proud members of the North American Hockey League, are happy to announce a long term partnership with Avera Health to be our team medical services provider.

   These services include training, medical doctor, and orthopedic consultation and treatment.  This partnership puts the care level of the Wings players at the top of the Junior Hockey world!

    Greg Odde, owner of the Wings, states that the safety and health of our players on and off the ice is a high priority of the team, and the North American Hockey League.  This partnership with Avera Health fortifies our commitment to the health of our players.

    Our concussion testing and treatment is at the leading edge of all sports. Proper diagnosis and treatment insures our athletes can compete to the best of their abilities in a safe atmosphere with no long term effects.

Taryn Martin will continue in her role as a certified head trainer for the Wings

Dr. Jon Olson of Avera Health will serve as the team physician. He will be present at all home games to assist Taryn Martin in treatment of the Wings and visiting players.

Dr. Donald Frisco of Avera Health will continue to serve as the Wings orthopedic doctor.