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The Weber family: Terry, Andrew, player Nico deVita, Kyra and Teresa.

Billet application

Host Family Information

Part of our commitment to our players and their parents is to provide our Wings with a good home. This is a very important time in our players’ lives — they are away from their friends and family (often for the first time), so their billets become their surrogate family. While the families receive some monetary compensation, the real reward is the lasting relationships that are formed. In essence, the importance of billet families to our winning program is immeasurable.

When a family volunteers to house a member of the team, they are required to provide room and board for the player. This includes providing nutritious food that is available for the player to prepare or for the billets to prepare for the player. Additionally, billets must be able to provide the player with his own room, or the availability to share with a fellow team member. Billets are expected to treat the players as “one of the family” and not just a “renter.”

The same goes for the player, who must clean up after himself and keep his room and belongings tidy. We have team guidelines and policies that the players must abide by within our organization, and we expect our billet families to uphold and enforce these team rules. All billet house rules will need to be communicated to the player when he arrives.

How long is a billet family’s commitment? This varies depending on the player — some are with the family during the hockey season only while others need to complete their school year. Some players go home for the weekend as often as the game schedule permits, and all will go home over the holiday breaks.

Some families have found it easier to house two (2) players as they can travel together and are company for each other. There have been a few instances when three (3) or even four (4) players have been welcomed by one family. Host families have included traditional two-parent families and “empty nesters.” All that’s really needed is a willingness to help a player pursue his dream by providing a “home away from home.”

The Wings are seeking local families to host our players from across the globe from September through May. Host families receive $400/month from the player towards his food and needs at home. Players are responsible for their own transportation and will hold down a part-time job or attend classes.

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