Wings #1 Fan, Proud Aberdeen Supporter

Fans. Without them it is difficult for a team to gain momentum. Without them it is difficult to field sports teams. Without them…what’s the point of sports?

Aberdeen is blessed to have the best sports fans year-round. During basketball season, the Northern State University men’s basketball games have held the top attendance in the nation for six straight seasons. College and high school football games at the Clark Swisher Complex make for exciting game atmospheres. Even beer league softball games have great turnouts. The Aberdeen Wings have held the top attendance in their NAHL division for the past three seasons. But again, none of these numbers or accolades would be possible if it wasn’t for the greatest fans in the Aberdeen area.

But each sport, each arena has one thing in common. The same #1 fan. Whether he is throwing up bombs from half-court at a PC basketball game, shaking the hands of every NSU fan at Wachs Arena, or joining in the roar of the crowd as a Wings player scores a goal…you’ve all seen him. Most have met him.

His name is Nate Thompson.

Undoubtedly the #1 sports fan in the Aberdeen area, Thompson has been a supporter for all athletics for many years. He will remember a face anywhere. Not only does he show up and support the athletics of high school, college, or amateur levels, but he also has taken steps to reward those top athletes. Nate has saved his own earned money and teamed with the NSU Foundation to create a $500 NSU Nate Thompson Annual Athletic Scholarship which was culminated at his 50th birthday celebration. Other Aberdeen area sports fans contributed over $2,500 in donations to the fund in Nate’s honor. Aberdeen’s most prestigious parade featured Nate Thompson on a float of his own, honoring the area’s #1 sports fan.

Nate enjoys Aberdeen Wings games. When the Wings score a goal, you will see Nate sharing the excitement with each and every fan. He is also quick to point out his favorite player. Wings defenseman #20 Dillon Eichstadt of Bemidji, MN, gets the honor of being Nate’s favorite. Eichstadt has had a solid season so far with the Wings as he leads the team in assists with 23. Earlier this season, Eichstadt received a brief call-up to the Sioux City Musketeers of the USHL. So it is easy to see why Aberdeen’s #1 fan Nate Thompson chose #20 Dillon Eichstadt as his favorite player.

Take the opportunity to meet him. Shake his hand. Talk sports, but be prepared to talk because Nate truly is the #1 sports fan in the Aberdeen area.

Thank you Nate Thompson for your support of the Aberdeen Wings and athletics in the Aberdeen area.