Pre-Draft Camp: Next Weekend

Beginning next Friday, the Aberdeen Wings will be holding their 2015 Pre-Draft Evaluation Camp. The tryout is an opportunity for players to impress the Wings coaching and scouting staff in hopes of being selected in the NAHL Entry Draft in June.

“We view the evaluation camp as a great tool for us as an organization,” said Wings head coach Francis Anzalone. “Quite often in this league, you tender or draft a player that started in your pre-draft camp.”

The opportunity for some is the chance to play at the NAHL level with the Wings that to-date has 30 current/former players committed to Division I programs as well as two NHL Draft picks. For others, it’s an opportunity to showcase their talents at a younger age to the scouting and coaching staff to get them on their radar to be tendered or draft in future seasons.

“We try to direct them and help them in their journey as future players in this league,” said Wings Director of Scouting Mike Grattan. “The goal is to build our camp with players were interested in, but more importantly find the pieces that can make us a better team.”

In each of the past few seasons, 15 or more players in the Pre-Draft Evaluation Camp have been invited to Main Camp whether through being selected in the NAHL Draft or signed as free agents. The camp will consist of on-ice workouts and simulated games with the intensity and level of play that best resembles the NAHL. Throughout the camp, the Wings scouting staff evaluates on-ice performance as well as the player’s character.

For more information, or to register for the 2015 Aberdeen Wings Pre-Draft Evaluation Camp find the Pre-Draft tab under CAMPS on the top bar.