BJORN UPDATE – 2014 World Juniors

Jan 8, 2014

(Updated: 01-14-14)

The 2014 World Junior Championships are underway for the Division II – Pool B in Jaca, Spain which features Korea, Australia, Serbia, China, Spain, and Wings forward #21 Bjorn Sigurdarson playing for team Iceland.


1-11-14   Iceland vs. Korea

#21 Bjorn Sigurdarson assisted on a goal to Andri Helgason, Iceland loss 6-4 to Korea.

1-12-14   Iceland vs. China

#21 Bjorn Sigurdarson scored two goals and three assists in an 8-1 win for Iceland over China. In the 2nd period, Bjorn scored with assists from Iceland's Daniel Magnusson. He would score again 4 minutes later with an assist from Ingthor Arnason.

1-14-14   Iceland vs. Spain

Iceland loss 6-4 on Tuesday to host team Spain in the 2014 World Junior Championships – Division II tournament. Spain got off to a 4-1 lead and never looked back. Wings forward Bjorn Sigurdarson was held scoreless after an impressive performance against China. Iceland will play Serbia tomorrow and Australia on Friday.

1-15-14    Iceland vs. Serbia

Iceland lost 4-3 to Serbia in their fourth game of the 2014 World Junior Championships. Wings forward Bjorn Sigurdarson had two goals in the game, one in the 2nd period and another in the 3rd period. It would not be enough as Iceland would fall to 1-3-0 overall in the preliminary round of the tournament.

1-17-14   Iceland vs. Australia

Iceland would battle with Australia, but come up short in a shootout loss 2-1. Wings forward Bjorn Sigurdarson had a shootout opportunity and would beat the Australian goaltender but would hit the crossbar. Iceland is now 1-3-1 in the tournament.