Michigan Pre Draft Camp May 29-31


Please complete the registration and include your payment information.  You will need to register with USA Hockey for the 2020-2021 season and complete the forms below.

MI Camp Registration Form

Address : 12101 386th Ave NW
Westport, SD 57481, United States
Phone: (605)380-5852Email: asmith@aberdeenwings.com


Complete and print all portions of the USA Hockey Consent to Treat form and bring it with you to camp registration.  All non-US Citizens must also complete and print either the USA Hockey / Hockey Canada Tryout Notice  (Canadians) or the IIHF Tryout Notice (all others).  You will not be allowed to participate without these forms.




USA Hockey Camp


After we receive and approve your camp registration your payment will be processed.  You will receive a confirmation email to the player email address listed in your registration.  If you have not received a confirmation email, you are not registered for the camp.  For any questions please contact us at 605-380-5852 or camps@aberdeenwings.com